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Our A-level Programme

Our Sixth Form program (Year 12 to Year 13) is structured around Pearson Edexcel’s modular system. This approach empowers students to strategically space out their exams, eliminating the need for last-minute cramming. The result is enhanced performance, demonstrated by our track record of students achieving remarkable 4A* grades.

The "secret ingredient" that helps students score 4A* is quite simple. Just good teachers with over 15+ years of experience. They can identify "spot-questions" that helps students score the A grade. Therefore, placing students in the best position to get into their dream university.

Lim Lit Way (Principal)


success Stories

IELTS Preperatory Programme

Our IELTS Preparation Program offers swift readiness for university admission deadlines. Alongside effective training, we provide continuous education counseling, ensuring a seamless path to students’ dream universities.


Our A-level Curriculum

Our A-level program is characterized by flexibility, catering to busy students with adaptable class schedules. We offer subjects aligned with individual passions, such as psychology and computer science. Utilizing the Edexcel modular system, we prepare students for university admission, ensuring a seamless transition to higher education.

YEAR 7 – 9 (AGES 11 – 14)


Our A-level curriculum is designed for seamless university admission preparation. Our highly experienced teachers, with 15+ years of expertise, provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring students are well-equipped for their higher education journey.

YEAR 7 – 9 (AGES 11 – 14)

A-level Tuition

Our A-level Tuition stands out with personalized options like 1-on-1 sessions, accelerating learning. Tailored lessons target weaknesses, fostering improved scores. Our approach rejects a cookie-cutter method, ensuring unique needs are met.

University Admission

Students receive ongoing assistance, including visa processing, GTE personal statements, and accommodation arrangements. This seamless process allows students to focus entirely on excelling in their A-levels. Whether pursuing studies in the UK, Australia, Singapore, or other countries, we’re here to guide every step of the way.


Helping Students Perform

Modern Classrooms

Modern classrooms are equipped with projectors to help students visualize and understand information.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers, with 15+ years of experience, some holding master’s and Ph.D. degrees, ensure exceptional education

Success Stories

Ensuring impressive academic achievements, our remarkable track record guides students to excel in IGCSE exams.

1-to-1 Tuition classes

Supplement your learning with tuition classes for higher scores.

University Placements

Seamless university admissions support for A-level students. Visa, GTE, accommodation assistance ensures focused excellence.

Eager to Learn More?

Our Teachers

Picture this: A-levels taught by educators with Ph.Ds and Master’s degrees. Our faculty boasts 15+ years’ experience, coupled with practical expertise. From computer science to biology, they ensure students receive comprehensive and effective learning, fostering remarkable performance.


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