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Beyond the Classroom
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Helping Students Perform

Beyond the Classroom

We help students experience learning using a more holistic approach. Therefore, helping them to develop their passions.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers, with 15+ years of experience, some holding master’s and Ph.D. degrees, ensure exceptional education

Success Stories

Ensuring impressive academic achievements, our remarkable track record guides students to excel in IGCSE exams.

Fast-Track Programme

Students looking for faster progression can opt for our “fast-track programme”.

Modern Classes

Students benefit from modern classrooms equipped with projectors, aiding visual learning and optimizing educational experiences.

University Placement

Seamless university admissions support for students.

Holistic Learning

Holistic learning at Xceleration includes diverse subjects, interactive activities, and real-world experiences for comprehensive education.

1-to-1 Classes

Experience personalized growth with 1-to-1 classes, tailored to your strengths and learning pace.

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Our Curriculum

Xceleration offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning primary to A-levels, including specialized tuition for SPM-UEC. With a proven record of exceptional results, from 4A* in A-levels to 11A+ in SPM, our fast-track O-levels ensure timely university admissions.

YEAR 1 – 6 (AGES 7 – 12)

Primary Level

Our primary students learn a mixture of the British and Singaporean curriculum. Young students are exposed to foundations of Singaporean mathematics. Fostering students ready for a competitive world.

YEAR 7 – 10 (AGES 13 – 16)

O-levels /IGCSE

Xceleration ensures O-level success with focused prep, skilled educators, and strategic spot question guidance for top-tier IGCSE results.

YEAR 11 – 12 (AGES 17 – 18)


A-level program offers personalized excellence, experienced teachers, and strategic modular system for remarkable results and university readiness.


SPM-UEC Tuition

Our SPM-UEC tuition program, recognized for producing 11A+ achievers, offers focused guidance and personalized teaching. Our proven methods pave the way for exceptional results.


success Stories


Fast Track O-level Program

You want to do your IGCSE exams in 6-months? 1-year? 1.5 years? Our Fast-Track IGCSE program prepares students to take the O-levels exams.

  • Students are not required to do co-curricular activities like a normal school. Just focus on the exam.
  • It’s ideal for switching from Commerce to Science, or boosting marks for SPM/O-levels equivalent.
  • Perfect for older students looking to restart their academic journey and not get into a traditional school.

Centre of Excellence

Xceleration has garnered awards for our committed role in empowering students to excel in IGCSE and A-levels. Our educators, with extensive 15+ years of experience, embody a fusion of Western Education’s standards with Asian Tenacity in learning. Our personalized approach includes 1-to-1 classes, ensuring a profound educational journey.

Tuition Programmes

Students seeking to boost their scores can opt for 1-to-1 tuition.

  • Primary Level : English, Mathematics (Cambridge/Singaporean)
  • IGCSE/O-level : We cater to students from homeschools or international schools. We teach the Cambridge and Edexcel syllabus. 
  • A-levels : We cater to any student taking A-levels. We teach both the Cambridge Syllabus and Edexcel.

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