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Our mission

Xceleration is an Education Centre established in Year 2002. Our Motto is Engaging minds, Inspire Lives.

On top of providing quality teaching, our aim is to make it “Easy to understand, Fun to learn” for our students. We offer extensive revision resources such as past year examination practices and tests, extracurricular references and materials to help our students prepare for their examination.

Besides academic learning, we also believe strongly in helping our students to find their individual road map for success by instilling important life values and shaping their characters whilst they are under our influence,

We believe we can help you unleash your true potential, so let’s begin our journey together

Our Specialization

With a group of dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers, our centre specializes in the following curricula:

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What Our Students Say

Past student testimonials about their journey with Xceleration Education


Tee Zi Yang

Zi Yang is currently pursuing his studies in Finance in Singapore

As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime”. As cliché as it sounds, it is somewhat true in my case with Xceleration. Xceleration has not only guided us towards academic success but also more importantly prepared us for the future that lies ahead. That allowed me to adapt swiftly from my high school education to my current tertiary education.


Adryana Lau Shen Yee

Completed her IGCSE in 6 months. Currently pursuing her foundation in Perth, Australia

Pursuing an overseas education was my biggest dream. However I had no knowledge of what I needed to do and the procedures to apply to study overseas. Luckily, one of my mum’s friend recommended Xceleration Education to me. Xceleration Education helped me to focus on the subjects I was interested in. I finished my O-level in 6 months successfully. Staff and teachers were super helpful, friendly and dedicated in helping me to succeed. Xceleration Education really helped me to achieve my dream and now I am enjoying the next chapter of my life in Australia.


Andrea Lee

Tshung Tsin Top SPM Achiever for 2018 with 11A+. She is currently pursuing her further studies in Canada.

During my years at Xceleration, I was able to learn and understand study materials easily because of their unique and express way of teaching. The teachers teach and explain in a simple way that allows us to have a better grip on the concept and push our limits only for us to surpass ourselves every time. Not only are the teachers responsible and dedicated in teaching, they also work on creating an enjoyable atmosphere so we can actually have fun while grinding through work. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the days where we laughed so hard and at the same time ploughing through worksheets together as a class.


Wong Ming Han

An Xceleration Education graduate

“Personally, I think Xceleration has an impeccable education system compared to other schools in KK”

Xceleration boasts a very conducive environment for students:

The teaching system enables students to understand subjects in the shortest amount of time

Teachers in Xceleration are selfless and they teach weaker students with patience

The in-house counselors actively invite many university representatives to give talks during lunch time and this provides the students with a substantial amount of information and also gives them an insight to what to expect in the future.


Terence Tai

Completed his IGCSE from Xceleration, followed by the Diploma de Cuisine from the renowned Le Cordon Blue

Thanks to Xceleration, I am following my passion and now go pursue my dream course!


Sophie Chai

An Xceleration Education graduate

“Being coached by experienced teachers as well as assisted by friendly peers, you’ll ultimately comprehend those grueling concepts and start to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is what makes studying a piece of cake.”

Reasons I pursue my higher secondary education in Xceleration:

The school is awesome and fun

Teachers are highly qualified and experience

Teachers teach in such intensive way in order to meet up to our exam dates and syllabuses

Massive amount of exercises and past year papers provided are relatively adequate for us to score A*s in our exams

I have more leisure time to do the things Ilove

I can enter university at a faster pace

I have a chance to enter society at a younger age yet educated mind


Nathaniel Chang

An Xceleration Education graduate


Little to no places can prepare students for such a task as successfully as Xceleration does. I had doubts and fears in the beginning but after a while it seemed more possible. Lessons are fun, interactive and fast, yet effective. Ever since I started my journey in Xceleration back in 2014, I have gotten lots of help and support from teachers in each stage of my studies. They provide step by step explanations, which I feel truly helps when it comes to understanding a new topic. When they see us struggling, they will try their best to help us. In O-Levels, the teachers also provide helpful advice that makes us understand the concepts easier. They too provide advice for exams. Over the years I feel I have grown to become more independent and more interested in my studies and future as well.

Nathaniel entered Xceleration in Jan 2014. In July 2015, he progressed to Pre O Level and then moved to O Level in Jan 2016. He completed IGCSE in June 2017.


Nathaniel Fong

An Xceleration Education graduate

Feel at home while learning!

Xceleration is the place to be if you want to feel at home while learning new stuff. The teachers really help by making sure that each student understands their subjects clearly. it is also taught in an accelerated manner where the time taken to complete a course is faster compared to other schools. The staff here can also help with further studies due to their connection with top universities around the world. It really helps to keep you on the right track.


Lawrence Tai

An Xceleration Education graduate

I have seen a remarkable improvement in my grades!

My teachers have left a deep impression on me! They are always able to communicate with me and teach the subject with great enthusiasm and humour. All these have contributed to my consistent results. I strongly recommend Xceleration to all my friends!


Kong Yung Cheng

Completed a 1-Year A level program at Xceleration and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia.

I love studying in Xceleration because:

They have a friendly atmosphere

They have great teaching quality

The teachers are willing to help

Students have a good time and learn from the best

I have free higher education advice here


Jordan Chong

Currently pursuing his degree in Computer Science in Singapore

Constant encouragement & support!

Xceleration… The word itself is self-explanatory. I joined the academy in Dec 2016 and registered for GCE and Edexcel in May/June 2-17. At first, I was doubtful if I can even catch up in such a short period, especially my Maths and Physics, which are brand new subjects to me. However, with the help and guidance of the teachers, I managed to get an excellent result in both of these subjects. Mr Lim has been constantly encouraging and very supportive in giving me the confidence I needed during this period. Now I am doing my Foundation and will proceed to Diploma in Information Technology in Kaplan, Singapore and all these couldn’t be done without the help and guidance from the teachers.


John Lai

Pursuing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, PSB Academy, Singapore

Xceleration has proven that schools are not in any way BORING!

I like how the teachers possess their sense of humour and sarcasm. When it comes to teaching, the teachers are passionate to teach students and prepare them well for examination without vagueness or any wastage of time. I believe that Xceleration can be a game changer for its learning style varies from most conventional schools. I just wanted to say thank you Xceleration for your effort in helping me to be better each and every day!


Jeremy Lien

Currently studying Diploma in Commerce, Institute Sinaran

I met a lot of great friends during my time at Xceleration. The teachers are dedicated, passionate and helpful. They provide good studying materials for our IGCSE exams. Xceleration provides a good studying environment too. I would recommend Xceleration Education to my friends.

Studying in Xceleration was one of the BEST experience I have ever had!


Janina Abigail Peter

An Xceleration Education Graduate

Xceleration is a great place to study

The environment is clean and neat. The teachers are patient and well-versed in their knowledge of the subjects. I feel that my time here was not wasted as each lesson was wisely spent learning something new. I was confident in the knowledge I had gained for my exams, so sitting for it was just like doing a past paper in class. 10/10 would recommend Xceleration to anyone looking to invest and excel in their studies.


Fion Voo

An Xceleration Education Graduate

Xceleration Education made me love going to school

Studying at Xceleration Education made me love going to school because the teachers and students are so nice, friendly and funny which makes all the classes really interesting and fun to attend, you’d want to pay attention because of it and that makes studies so much more fun. I have learnt so much in such a short period of time, the teachers teach really fast, they cover all the topics in a short period of time which is my favourite part of the school. However, the teachers also make sure students understand and if you don’t understand, teachers are willing to take out their extra time and help you understand. They’re also very patient and passionate when it comes to teaching. The school atmosphere is really comfortable and nice.

Fion Voo Wei Ren is currently pursuing her interest in Medicine. The first step of her journey – West Australia University Foundation Program @ Canning College, Perth.


Derrick Kwan

Recipient of the Highest Mark In the World - Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics (June 2016)

All the teachers at Xceleration are truly experts in their respective subjects. Their profound knowledge of the subjects is so good that they are able to equip their students to perform at the optimal levels. During my chemistry exam, EVERYONE scored A! Xceleration is a truly amazing and unique place to learn and study.

Derrick Kwan is currently pursuing his degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Bath.


Derek Ho

Currently pursuing his degree in Physiotherapy at Curtin University in Perth

Xceleration is a one stop study centre where you can find quality and qualified tutors to guide you all the way from primary to O-levels


Daniel Chin

Awarded the Highest Mark in Malaysia for his IGCSE Chemistry in 2018. He is currently pursuing his A level at Xceleration

Xceleration has been a terrific school so far

It has been an amazing experience to study here. The teachers don’t just prepare you for your current syllabus, but often go the extra mile and often educate you at a slightly higher level; this benefited me a lot as sometimes explanations at a certain level are limited, and hence this method removes boundaries. The classes here are highly interactive as well, and the teachers are very sensitive to students’ needs. This means that often they can tell when you are struggling before you even ask a question. Moreover, classes here are small enough that teachers have the ability to answer each question each student has. The teachers in Xceleration also provide interesting ways to important concepts, making it more fun and simple to remember it. Lastly, Xceleration does things in a quicker than normal way, and it may seem scary at first, but the teachers here really know how to equip you well in just a short period of time. Xceleration has given me a splendid experience, and has definitely expanded my capabilities.


Rose-Sharon Chin

Graduated with the Bachelor of Psychology from HELP University

When I come to Xceleation, I was a home-schooler who was failing in mathematics and had no exposure to secondary-school subjects other than mathematics and English. However, the teachers at Xceleration were very patient and managed to awaken an interest in me for their subjects. Within A MONTH I had fallen in love with all my subjects, both arts and sciences, and began to do well in them. The atmosphere in Xceleration was very family-like and is what caused me to look for a job with them years later, I enjoyed my time as a teacher in Xcelration as much as I did as a student.

Claudia Wong_Xceleration

Claudia Wong

Recipient of the Highest Mark in Malaysia - Edexcel International Primary Curriculum Science (June 2016)

Our Young Scholar in Primary

Xceleration was the place that I learnt most of my English vocabulary and improved my grammar, they taught me in a fun and easily understood way. The school time and duration of one class was short but I learnt more compared to normal school time. It also enabled me to have my own relax time and self-studies. Xceleration inspired me because it challenges students by giving them some quizzes or small tests in an insightful and meaningful way. I believed in the way the Xceleration teaches their students and so, they also believed in me. I didn’t have much confidence to communicate with others in English but after studying in Xceleration, it totally changed my mind. Wish I could return to study in Xceleration.


Christian Yee

Started from Xceleration, and now pursuing his Doctor of Medicine (MD) program

I am grateful to how helpful they were!

I started my studies at Xceleration in January 2015. I really appreciate how well the teachers teach and explain so that we can fully understand everything we’re learning. Thanks to them, I managed to obtain excellent results. I definitely recommend Xceleration to anybody who wants to excel in their studies.

2015: Studied IGCSE in Xceleration -> Achieved 5A* and 1 A

2016: Progressed to study Foundation in Science -> Obtained RM 9,000 scholarship for his foundation

2017: Progressed to study Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Perdana University, Serdang -> MD in Perdana University, Serdang is awarded by Royal College of Surgeon Ireland.


Chriscenterl Marcus

An Xceleration Education Graduate

Studying in Xceleration is one of the best decisions I’ve made. All the teachers are exceptionally patient and encouraging. Having the support and encouragement from the teachers really enabled me to take the exams confidently. Without a doubt the best place to study!


Charisa Chen

A scholarship recipients, is studying her Bachelor of Music (Performance) at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Xceleration is an express pathway to better education. It provides the students with professional and knowledgeable teachers, who are experts in their subject fields and have years of experience in teaching. As a result, the teachers have applied different successful tutoring methods that expand the students’ studying ability and capacity. Xceleration not only focuses on finishing the “book” quickly but to understand, in depth, of all the material that have been taught; this is true education

Cassandra Lim_Xceleration

Cassandra Ashlyn Lim

Currently studying Taylor's Foundation in Science

Xceleration Education has given me the best educational experience I have ever had. The teachers are passionate and they are wonderful at teaching. I have truly learned nothing but the best during my time at Xceleration. not to mention they are fun and love to joke around from time to time. This school has helped me to achieve my goals in the time given. I would definitely mention Xceleration Education to my friends.

Alvin Wong_Xceleration

Alvin Wong Wei Jun

Pursuing Law and Commerce Degree in Monash University, in Melbourne, Australia

Teachers give 110%

I had a great time at Xcel, made friends, reconnected with some old ones and expanded my knowledge. The teachers here were willing to give a 110% while still keeping things interesting and if it wasn’t for them I definitely wouldn’t have made it as far as I did. now I get to continue my studies overseas in Australia because of them and the school.


Carmen Leong Kay Wen

Awarded Highest Mark in The World - Edexcel International GCSE Mathematics January 2017

I prefer studying at Xceleration Education because:

This school has comforting atmosphere

Teachers are caring and creative in teaching

The students are very nice and friendly

Teachers cover a lot of topics in a short period of time (this is one of my favourite parts of the school.)

At the age of 15, Carmen is pursuing her A-level at Institute Sinaran in Kota Kinabalu


Dalvin Ng

Graduated with an MBA from Curtin University at the age of 23!

MBA at the age of 23? None of my family and friends thought it was possible too. This enduring yet exhilarating journey began when I stepped into Xceleration’s welcoming door back in 2010. Xceleration was a huge stepping stone for my education. They provided personalized educational services; all of my classes were tailored to me based on my learning capabilities and progress. My progress was monitored and reviewed frequently to ensure my time are scheduled in the most effective was possible. Most importantly, the teaching staff understood my needs and provided me as much assistance as they as they possibly can to prepare me for O-Level examinations, and my overseas studying endeavors. Xceleration did not only kick-start my education, but it also helped me realized my potential and life goals. The personalized education services of Xceleration made MBA at the age of 23, possible!

Dalvin Ng completed his O-level at Xceleration Education. He then progressed to Foundation at Taylors College, Perth. He then moved on to pursue his degree at the University of Western Australia.


Grace Chua

Obtained a scholarship from Eynesbury College in Adelaide for her Outstanding IGCSE result

Xceleration has indeed accelerated my education pathway. In a year time, I completed my O-Level and was prepared for my foundation in Australia University Foundation. Even though the timetable and the syllabus are arranged meticulously, it would not exhaust the students unnecessarily. The teaching staff are truly dedicated and had attended to the personal needs of the individual student.

By going through Xceleration’s Fast Track program, Grace commenced her university at the age of 18. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia.


Brandon Lau

A scholarship recipient, is currently studying a dobule-degree in Law & Finance at the University of Adelaide

Back when I first entered Xceleration as a 16-year-old, I was confused, uncertain, and worried about my future. However, Xceleration gave me the opportunity to focus and finish my O-levels in just a year and also helped me in realizing my dream of studying Law. The teachers are helpful each and every step of the way, and always go the extra mile for the students. The academic counselors, such as Mr Lim, are also very passionate in helping each student reach their individual goals. All in all, Xceleration has left a lasting impact in my academic life and has also helped me attain scholarships in both my college and university. I would choose Xceleration if I had to do it all over again!


Rishi Notaney

ICGSE 6A* and 1A

Xceleration prepares students for all sorts of examinations in a much shorter period of time than traditional schools, and this is a good thing! There is no wastage of time and all lessons are planned methodically to ensure students are more than prepared for their respective examinations.

Rishi joined Xceleration on Jan 2017. He completed his IGCSE examination in June 2017 and progressed to A-Level on Sept 2017.


Elisha Chung

Straight A IGCSE student, achieved Highest Mark in the World for IGCSE Mathematics, and 4A* in her A level

Xceleration is one of the best places to learn. They taught me everything in the shortest possible time. They never drag classes and I love that. I learned the maximum amount of things in a minimum amount of time. 100% the best place to learn.

After scoring 4A* in her A level, Elisha is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science at the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia.


Isaac Tsen Siong Yeen

Highest Mark in Malaysia for 2 subjects - IGCSE BIology and Chemistry, January 2017. Also achieved 2A* 2A in his A level from Xceleration’s IAL program

Is it possible to score well in a subject under six months? YES!

The teachers are super-effective and highly supportive

Every topic that is going to be in the exams is covered within 4 months

Two months are used for practice for exams

“Xceleration is a fast-track and effective launching pad for students heading for higher education.”