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Our A-Level Tuition Programme

Welcome to Xceleration, where we offer personalized A-level 1-to-1 classes, dedicated to enhancing student grades. Many students struggle to improve because of limited teacher attention. At Xceleration, we bridge this gap by providing focused support and guidance to help students achieve their academic goals.


Why Choose Xceleration

Choose us for A-level tuition, where experienced teachers with 15+ years’ expertise guide personalized learning. Our strategic modular system, proven track record, and student-centric approach ensure optimal success.

Teachers with Phds and Masters

Our teachers, with 15+ years of experience. Some hold degrees in computer science, possess Ph.D.s in biology, or boast master’s degrees in biotechnology. They transfer their passion to you. So that you’ll be motivated to study.

Not so "textbook"

Books books books. We like them but not all the time. Step into Xceleration’s “modern classrooms”. Most classrooms are equipped with projectors and screens. Teachers would display how lasers work, how rockets propel, or how bank interest rates affect the layman. All using our modern approach to learning.

Just you and the Teacher (1:1 classes)

Imagine it’s just you and the teacher. Our 1-to-1 classes offer immediate doubt resolution and undivided teacher attention. Personalized learning ensures confident understanding and academic excellence.

Flexible Schedule

Want classes at night time? Or perhaps around noon time? Want classes just after your gym sessions? We can do that. We follow your pace and your time. Perfect for last-minute cancellations or students with packed agendas, our adaptable approach ensures you never miss out on valuable learning opportunities

University Admission

Students receive ongoing assistance, including visa processing, GTE personal statements, and accommodation arrangements. This seamless process allows students to focus entirely on excelling in their A-levels. Whether pursuing studies in the UK, Australia, Singapore, or other countries, we’re here to guide every step of the way.


Our Teachers




Alton Wong - A A A

Due to the epidemic, I took all of my classes online while studying at Xceleration, but they go out of their way to make sure you understand the education system. Although there may only be a few students in each class, this allows the teacher to focus on each student more easily and fosters stronger bonds between students.

*Alton Wong finished his A-levels within 1-year and he is a recipient of the Global Excellent Scholarship award in University of Western Australia

Carmen Lim - A* A A

Thank you for the guidance and support. Would definetely recommend Xceleration to all students looking to further their studies in the UK.

*Carmen Lim went through their A-level study via online learning during the pandemic period. They scored well and currently studying in University of Bath in the UK.

Iden Mcelhone - A* A* A* A

Iden finished his A-levels in 1 year. He achieved A* in Mathematics, A* Physics, and A* in Further Mathematics. He is currently looking to study in University of Western Australia.

Elisha Chung - A* A* A* A*

Xceleration is one of the best places to learn. They taught me everything in the shortest possible time. They never drag classes and I love that. I learned the maximum amount of things in a minimum amount of time. 100% the best place to learn.

After scoring 4A* in her A level, Elisha is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science at the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia.


Helping Students Perform


Available Subjects

  • English
  • Psychology
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Mathematics & Further Mathematics
  • Economics, Accounting, Business
  • Computer Science
  • Law

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Elevate your A-levels success with Xceleration. Our proven approach boosts grades to 4As, guided by 15+ years experienced teachers.

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