One-on-one tutoring

Step into the realm of personalized learning through our 1-to-1 sessions. Designed to accommodate hectic schedules, these sessions offer tailored guidance for specific learning needs. With a direct student-teacher dynamic, questions find immediate answers. Available for primary, O-level, and A-level students, our flexible syllabus covers subjects like Singaporean Mathematics, O-levels, and A-levels (Cambridge and Pearson), ensuring an education that truly suits you.


Customized sessions

Experience the advantages of personalized learning with our 1-to-1 tutoring. Tailored to your pace and needs, get immediate feedback, focused attention, and a deeper grasp of subjects.

Primary Level

Our 1-to-1 tutoring service caters to primary level students (Year 1 to Year 6, ages 7 to 12). We offer personalized sessions based on the British curriculum, and can adapt to international school syllabi if needed. Sessions are tailored to practicing question papers, ensuring a thorough understanding of subjects.


Our 1-to-1 tutoring service is designed for O-level/IGCSE students (Year 7 to Year 11, ages 12 to 16). Aligned with the IGCSE curriculum of Pearson and Cambridge, we cover subjects listed in our curriculum. Our sessions are geared towards practicing question papers, fostering a stronger understanding of the subjects.


Our tailored 1-to-1 tutoring service supports A-level students (Year 12 to Year 13, ages 16 to 18). Aligned with Pearson and Cambridge A-level curriculum, we offer subjects listed in our curriculum. Our sessions revolve around practicing question papers, enhancing subject understanding for higher exam performance.

Personalised English Classes

Our personalized 1-to-1 English tutoring caters to specific needs. Whether students seek conversation practice, grammar improvement, or other focuses, our tailored approach ensures effective learning.

Fast-track IGCSE programme

Our Fast-track O-level program provides students with the choice of 6-month or 1-year pacing for IGCSE exams. Tailored 1-to-1 sessions ensure efficient catch-up. This option is ideal for students aligning with university intake dates or switching from commerce to science disciplines, fostering seamless transitions.

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