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Who We Are

Our ethos blends Western Education with Asian Tenacity, fostering a unique approach to learning. We hold the firm belief that education should be personalized, deviating from cookie-cutter methods that fail to ignite student passion. Our team of experienced teachers, each with 15+ years of expertise, ensures exceptional learning experiences. At Xceleration, excellence is not just a goal, but a journey we embark upon together.

At Xceleration, our commitment lies in providing personalized education to each student. Our ethos embodies the fusion of Western education and Asian tenacity, cultivating well-rounded individuals prepared for global challenges

Lim Lit Way (Principal)


Core Values

Our objective is to empower students to surpass their own limitations, achieved through a tailored teaching approach that hones in on their strengths and fosters their unique passions.

Building a culture of excellence

Upholding honesty and respect

Empowering learning

Infusing passion in what we do

Crafting memorable and fun experiences

Holistic learning

Centre of Excellence

Xceleration has garnered awards for our committed role in empowering students to excel in IGCSE and A-levels. Our educators, with extensive 15+ years of experience, embody a fusion of Western Education’s standards with Asian Tenacity in learning. Our personalized approach includes 1-to-1 classes, ensuring a profound educational journey.

Our graduates go beyond


Edison Chung got into University Melbourne

Charisa Chen currently pursuing MA in Music Theraphy in the UK

Christian Yee currently pursuing his studies becoming a doctor

Chiew Re Xuan went to University College Birmingham

Our A-level Programme

Our A-level Program employs a strategic modular system, spacing exams to eliminate last-minute cramming. Proven effective, our track record boasts students achieving remarkable 4A* grades.


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