SPM-UEC Tuition Programme

We have over 20+ years of experience teaching students and helping them score As in SPM.

The "secret ingredient" that helps students score 9As and above is...quite simple. Just good teachers and smaller classes. We know it sounds too simple. But it simply works.

Lim Lit Way (Principal)

**Why Students Fail**

Tried Tuition Centre A, try another tuition centre B, try tuition centre C. But can't get the As?
It's not because "your child is bad".
It could be because your child is not getting enough attention from teachers.

**Success Stories**

Getting Results :-

Scored 11A+ in SPM

Andrea Lee was the highest achiever for a renowned UEC school in Kota Kinabalu.

Getting Results :-

Scored 7A+ 1A 1A- in SPM

Wong Shiun Yee studied in a renowned UEC school in Kota Kinabalu

**How we help**

**Subjects Offered**

Thought over 517+ students since 2003

We have helped students from schools in Sabah to improve their scores so that they can go to their dream university

Getting Results :-

Scored 8A+ 2A in SPM

Chong Tze Yan was a high achiever in a renowned school in Kota Kinabalu

**Helping students Perform**

From Struggling to Succeeding

Didn’t really excel at maths & science back in primary school. Then I met Mr & Mrs Lim. Soon I was able to compete with other students. Their teaching methods gave me a lot of confidence.


From Struggling to Succeeding

"My son almost literally zero knowledge with fail in SPM Chemistry managed to score B in taking a 7-week crash course."


**Get Started**

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