What is UEC/SPM?

The Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) is a standardized test for Chinese independent high school students while is a national examination taken by all fifth-form secondary school students in Malaysia. It is the equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). We offer tuition to both forms of study specifically cater to Tshung Tsin secondary school students.

Why Us?

Tuition mode conducted at Xceleration Education focuses on LEARNING & UNDERSTANDING rather than MEMORISING. Student-Centered approach is adopted in all our tuition classes, and we highly emphasize on students’ participation during lessons.

Tuition classes also conducted in smaller size as we believe in “Small Room Attention” environment as opposed to packed classroom. This is to ensure that all the students will receive the necessary attention from our teachers.

As for STTSS students’ tuition, we have past year papers as well as unique notes & exercise specifically prepare them for their examinations. Our tuition takes a balance between exam-oriented and academically learning.

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