No longer "lost" on textbook words

Books books books. We like them but not all the time. Step into Xceleration’s “modern classrooms”. Most classrooms are equipped with projectors and screens. Teachers would display how lasers work, how rockets propel, or how bank interest rates affect the layman. All using our modern approach to learning.


Making Learning Intresting

Using visuals, we are able to help students see what atoms look like, or how body organs function. This helps students remember information better.

Visuals for better learning

Using illustrations students are able to understand and remember facts better. No longer students get “lost” in words on the textbook. Using our classrooms, teachers are able to illustrate how cells function, how rockets propel, how lasers go through denser mediums, and etc. Wow, that makes learning so much fun.

Increase passion for learning

“Teacher! How does plasma looks like? How do plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen? How are kidney stones formed?”

Here in Xceleration, we don’t just explain but we show it to them. Therefore, this helps the students feel that learning is not “boring”. This also helps them to be more motivated to study.

Get Into Class Online

We understand that sometimes students can’t make it to school. In Xceleration, students are able to request for an online learning to supplement their studies. However, we do hope that you can make it physically to class.

Coding in School

Students are able to pursue passions that is beyond what traditional school offers. Therefore, they are able to go into basics of Phyton and understand how it works at early age.

Discover Fast-Track IGCSE

Our Fast-Track IGCSE program is designed to help students excel in their IGCSE exams. It offers a flexible timeline, allowing students to finish in 6 months, 1 year, or 1.5 years. With a targeted approach and personalized attention, we help students achieve their academic goals swiftly and effectively.

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