A-level Curriculum : Year 12 & 13


Our A-level Curriculum

Xceleration’s A-level curriculum, combining Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge syllabi, offers students flexibility in completion, spanning 1 to 2 years. Our modular system ensures a “spaced-out” approach, preventing last-minute cramming and enabling better retention, leading to higher scores and comprehensive learning.


Subjects available

  • English 
  • Mathematics 
  • Psychology 
  • Further Mathematics 
  • Accounting 
  • Economics 
  • Law 


Subjects Available

  • Computer Science 
  • Biology 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Business


Discover our A-level’s secret ingredient that helps students to perform. 

How does our A-level work

Spaced-out and NOT crammed.

Edexcel Pearson A-level’s modular system allows students to take exam papers in different months, eliminating the need for last-minute cramming by spreading exams across months.

Personalised Lessons

We blend group classes with personalized 1-to-1 sessions to enhance student grades. That means any questions that students have can be resolved quickly.

Teachers with Masters and Phds.

Our teachers, with 15+ years of experience, are experts in their respective fields. Some hold degrees in computer science, possess Ph.D.s in biology, or boast master’s degrees in biotechnology. Their practical expertise ensures comprehensive and effective learning experiences for our students.


Scored 4A* | Currently studying in Uni Melbourne

Xceleration is one of the best places to learn. They taught me everything in the shortest possible time. They never drag classes and I love that. I learned the maximum amount of things in a minimum amount of time. 100% the best place to learn.

Scored 3A* 1A | Heading to University of Western Australia

Studying in Xceleration has helped me to score beyond my expectations. Not only the teachers helped me to understand the questions but they also motivated me to perform.

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