Primary Level

About the Course

Xceleration Primary Level students are only given the focus to study relevant and important subjects. This is because we believe children should not be burden with too many academic subjects and this is the period where children should enjoy their learning.

Learning habits should be cultivated on children at this golden age. Hence our primary level students are learning in a fun and relax environment. We believe that children should not view study as a burden but rather a challenge they should enjoy overcoming.

Why Us?

Tuition mode conducted at Xceleration Education focuses on LEARNING & UNDERSTANDING rather than MEMORISING. Student-Centered approach is adopted in all our tuition classes, and we highly emphasize on students’ participation during lessons.

Tuition classes also conducted in smaller size as we believe in “Small Room Attention” environment as opposed to packed classroom. This is to ensure that all the students will receive the necessary attention from our teachers.

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