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Our Primary School

Our Primary School offers a distinctive blend of Singaporean Mathematics and the British Curriculum, prioritizing key subjects such as math, sciences, and languages. Interactive social studies integrate play-based learning, enriching holistic understanding of the world. Our focus on formative basics and foundational knowledge ensures a strong academic groundwork.

Our Primary Level curriculum fosters holistic growth, nurturing curious minds and building strong foundations for lifelong learning

Lim Lit Way (Principal)


Our Primary Curriculum

At Xceleration School, our Primary Curriculum underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering rigorous learning. By integrating Singaporean Mathematics with the British Curriculum.

YEAR 1 to 3 (AGES 5 to 7)

Lower Primary

In Lower Primary (Year 1 to 3), we lay strong foundations while focusing on language acquisition and mathematics from both British and Singaporean syllabi. Our curriculum includes engaging social studies classes, broadening students’ understanding of the world.

YEAR 4 – 6 (AGES 8 – 12)

Upper Primary

In Upper Primary (Year 4 to 6), our curriculum introduces algebra through intuitive hand drawings in Singaporean Mathematics. Essay writing skills are honed, and engaging field trips enrich real-world knowledge. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded educational journey for our students.

Singaporean mathematics

Our curriculum includes Singaporean Mathematics, renowned for its global excellence. At Xceleration, we employ visualization techniques, enabling students to compete confidently at the highest level. This approach enhances problem-solving skills and fosters mathematical proficiency.


Building Character

Beyond the Classroom

We help students experience learning using a more holistic approach. Therefore, helping them to develop their passions.

Social Studies

Our teachers, with 15+ years of experience, some holding master’s and Ph.D. degrees, ensure exceptional education

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