Success Stories

Wong Ming Han

“Personally, I think Xceleration has an impeccable education system compared to other schools in KK” Xceleration boasts a very conducive environment for students: The teaching system enables students to understand subjects

Terence Tai

Thanks to Xceleration, I am following my passion and now go pursue my dream course!


Tee Zi Yang

As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed

Sophie Chai

“Being coached by experienced teachers as well as assisted by friendly peers, you’ll ultimately comprehend those grueling concepts and start to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is what makes

Rose-Sharon Chin

When I come to Xceleation, I was a home-schooler who was failing in mathematics and had no exposure to secondary-school subjects other than mathematics and English. However, the teachers at

Rishi Notaney

Xceleration prepares students for all sorts of examinations in a much shorter period of time than traditional schools, and this is a good thing! There is no wastage of time

Nathaniel Fong

Feel at home while learning! Xceleration is the place to be if you want to feel at home while learning new stuff. The teachers really help by making sure that

Nathaniel Chang

O LEVEL IN 6 MONTHS! Little to no places can prepare students for such a task as successfully as Xceleration does. I had doubts and fears in the beginning but

Lawrence Tai

I have seen a remarkable improvement in my grades! My teachers have left a deep impression on me! They are always able to communicate with me and teach the subject

Kong Yung Cheng

I love studying in Xceleration because: They have a friendly atmosphere They have great teaching quality The teachers are willing to help Students have a good time and learn from the

Jordan Chong

Constant encouragement & support! Xceleration… The word itself is self-explanatory. I joined the academy in Dec 2016 and registered for GCE and Edexcel in May/June 2-17. At first, I was doubtful

John Lai

Xceleration has proven that schools are not in any way BORING! I like how the teachers possess their sense of humour and sarcasm. When it comes to teaching, the teachers

Our "secret Ingredient"

At Xceleration, our abundant testimonials stem from our “secret ingredient”: dedicated teachers with a passion for education. Our personalized approach is another vital factor. By tailoring learning to individual needs, we create an environment where students excel and testimonies flourish.

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