Pre O-Level

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About the Course

In normal secondary school or high school study period, students usually would have to undergo at least 3 years (Form 1 – Form 3) or (Lower Secondary) in this stage. However, at Xceleration, our students would only need to undergo 1 year and 6 months in this stage of study due to the nature of our high paced and challenging curriculum, they are well nurtured in their study. Students would not have to undergo any General Exams to advance to their O-Level study.

Hence, this allows students who opt for Xceleration Fast Track Program to be able to complete their primary and secondary level education in as short as NINE years. (Excluding Advance Level study)

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Why Us?

Tuition mode conducted at Xceleration Education focuses on LEARNING & UNDERSTANDING rather than MEMORISING. Student-Centered approach is adopted in all our tuition classes, and we highly emphasize on students’ participation during lessons.

Tuition classes also conducted in smaller size as we believe in “Small Room Attention” environment as opposed to packed classroom. This is to ensure that all the students will receive the necessary attention from our teachers.

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