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Our secret to improving A-level grades is simple. Just good teachers and smaller classrooms.

Here's Our Classroom Overview

  1. We are committed to raising the bar of academic excellence through our specialized approach. With our unique international curriculum, including the administration of exams for the Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum (PLSC) and International Advanced A-Levels (IAL), we provide students with a global perspective and opportunities for international recognition.
  2. We believe in the power of personal connections. By maintaining smaller classroom sizes, we create an environment where our educators can step away from the podium and engage in meaningful one-on-one interactions. This approach allows our teachers to provide individualized attention and support to each student, fostering a more nurturing and interactive learning experience.
  3. Our faculty members are not just highly qualified; they are also passionate about teaching and possess a wealth of knowledge. With their deep understanding of curricula and effective instructional strategies, our teachers empower students and shape their educational journeys, ensuring a rich and transformative learning experience.
  4. We believe that learning should not be constrained by time limitations. That’s why we have developed an extraordinary opportunity for our students—a groundbreaking proposition that defies conventional timelines. Our Fast Track Program enables students to complete their A-Levels in less than a year, providing an accelerated path to academic success.

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About Xcel EDU

For over 20 years, we have helped hundreds of students excel their examination.

Xceleration is an Education Center established in year 2002. On top of providing quality teaching, our aim is to make it “Easy to understand, Fun to learn” for our students. We offer extensive revision resources such as past year examination practices and tests, extracurricular references and materials to help our students prepare for their examination.

Besides academic learning, we also strongly believe in helping our students to find their individual road map for success by instilling important life values and shaping their character whilst they are under our influence.

We believe we can help you unleash your true potential, so let’s begin our journey together.

What Makes Us Unique is Our Specialty

Welcome to Xcel EDU – we’re more than just a place of learning. We’re an institution committed, not just to maintaining, but to raising the bar of quality academic standards within our educational programs.

International Curriculum

In 2014, Pearson, international educational service provider, granted Xcel EDU the right to conduct exams for the Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum (PLSC) and International Advanced A-Levels (IAL)

Fast Track Program

Learning should not be barricaded within time constraints. We have crafted an incredible proposition for our students, an audacious opportunity that defies traditional timelines – the chance to complete A-Levels within less than a year.

Smaller Classrooms

Smaller classrooms allows our educators to jump off the lecture podium and dive into the sea of one-on-one interactions! With this approach, our teachers get the opportunity to provide more individualized attention to each student.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are very talented, dedicated, and brimming with knowledge. Their innate understanding of curricula, fused with effective instructional strategies, empowers our students and shapes their educational experience.

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What Our Classroom Looks Like

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Awards and Recognition

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Students' Testimonials

Pursuing an overseas education was my biggest dream. However I had no knowledge of what I needed to do and the procedures to apply to study overseas. Luckily, one of my mum’s friend recommended Xceleration Education to me. Xceleration Education helped me to focus on the subjects I was interested in. I finished my O-level in 6 months successfully. Staff and teachers were super helpful, friendly and dedicated in helping me to succeed. Xceleration Education really helped me to achieve my dream and now I am enjoying the next chapter of my life in Australia.
Adryana Lau Shen Yee
During my years at Xceleration, I was able to learn and understand study materials easily because of their unique and express way of teaching. The teachers teach and explain in a simple way that allows us to have a better grip on the concept and push our limits only for us to surpass ourselves every time. Not only are the teachers responsible and dedicated in teaching, they also work on creating an enjoyable atmosphere so we can actually have fun while grinding through work. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the days where we laughed so hard and at the same time ploughing through worksheets together as a class.
Andrea Lee
"Personally, I think Xceleration has an impeccable education system compared to other schools in KK" Xceleration boasts a very conducive environment for students: The teaching system enables students to understand subjects in the shortest amount of time Teachers in Xceleration are selfless and they teach weaker students with patience The in-house counselors actively invite many university representatives to give talks during lunch time and this provides the students with a substantial amount of information and also gives them an insight to what to expect in the future.
Wong Ming Han
"Being coached by experienced teachers as well as assisted by friendly peers, you'll ultimately comprehend those grueling concepts and start to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is what makes studying a piece of cake." The school is awesome and fun. Teachers are highly qualified and experience.Teachers teach in such intensive way in order to meet up to our exam dates and syllabuses. Massive amount of exercises and past year papers provided are relatively adequate for us to score A*s in our exams. I can enter university at a faster pace. I have a chance to enter society at a younger age yet educated mind.
Sophie Chai
Feel at home while learning! Xceleration is the place to be if you want to feel at home while learning new stuff. The teachers really help by making sure that each student understands their subjects clearly. it is also taught in an accelerated manner where the time taken to complete a course is faster compared to other schools. The staff here can also help with further studies due to their connection with top universities around the world. It really helps to keep you on the right track.
Nathaniel Fong
Xceleration... The word itself is self-explanatory. I joined the academy in Dec 2016 and registered for GCE and Edexcel in May/June 2-17. At first, I was doubtful if I can even catch up in such a short period, especially my Maths and Physics, which are brand new subjects to me. However, with the help and guidance of the teachers, I managed to get an excellent result in both of these subjects. Mr Lim has been constantly encouraging and very supportive in giving me the confidence I needed during this period. Now I am doing my Foundation and will proceed to Diploma in Information Technology in Kaplan, Singapore and all these couldn't be done without the help and guidance from the teachers.
Jordan Chong

Our Course Is Suitable For:

Usually, A-Levels are for students aged 16-19, typically pursued after wrapping up their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) or equivalent qualifications.

But Xcel EDU is tearing down these traditional time barriers. You’ve got the will, passion, and the smarts? Well, then what are you waiting for? You can dive headfirst into your A-Levels early with us.

Malaysian SPM leavers

For those SPM leavers who are keen on kickstarting their higher education journey as soon as they can, commencing A-Levels right away offers such an opportunity. This can be particularly attractive as it means getting started with the next phase of their academic life sooner.

University-Bound Students

A-Levels are not recognized by international universities, it is actually a valid qualification for worldwide universities. Students who aspire to study at a university often choose A-Levels to meet the entry requirements for their desired courses.

Career-Oriented Students

A-Levels can also be suitable for individuals who aim to gain subject-specific knowledge and skills to enhance their career prospects. Certain professions and industries may require or prefer candidates with A-Level qualifications in relevant subjects.

International Students

International students who are currently residing in Malaysia and have the desire to pursue higher education, whether it be within local private universities or at international institutions abroad, can to enroll in A-Levels as an academic pathway.

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