Daniel Chin

Xceleration has been a terrific school so far
It has been an amazing experience to study here. The teachers don’t just prepare you for your current syllabus, but often go the extra mile and often educate you at a slightly higher level; this benefited me a lot as sometimes explanations at a certain level are limited, and hence this method removes boundaries. The classes here are highly interactive as well, and the teachers are very sensitive to students’ needs. This means that often they can tell when you are struggling before you even ask a question. Moreover, classes here are small enough that teachers have the ability to answer each question each student has. The teachers in Xceleration also provide interesting ways to important concepts, making it more fun and simple to remember it. Lastly, Xceleration does things in a quicker than normal way, and it may seem scary at first, but the teachers here really know how to equip you well in just a short period of time. Xceleration has given me a splendid experience, and has definitely expanded my capabilities.

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