Tee Zi Yang

Zi Yang is currently pursuing his studies in Finance in Singapore

As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime”. As cliché as it sounds, it is somewhat true in my case with Xceleration. Xceleration has not only guided us towards academic success but also more importantly prepared us for the future that lies ahead. That allowed me to adapt swiftly from my high school education to my current tertiary education.


Adryana Lau Shen Yee

Completed her IGCSE in 6 months. Currently pursuing her foundation in Perth, Australia

Pursuing an overseas education was my biggest dream. However I had no knowledge of what I needed to do and the procedures to apply to study overseas. Luckily, one of my mum’s friend recommended Xceleration Education to me. Xceleration Education helped me to focus on the subjects I was interested in. I finished my O-level in 6 months successfully. Staff and teachers were super helpful, friendly and dedicated in helping me to succeed. Xceleration Education really helped me to achieve my dream and now I am enjoying the next chapter of my life in Australia.


Andrea Lee

Tshung Tsin Top SPM Achiever for 2018 with 11A+. She is currently pursuing her further studies in Canada.

During my years at Xceleration, I was able to learn and understand study materials easily because of their unique and express way of teaching. The teachers teach and explain in a simple way that allows us to have a better grip on the concept and push our limits only for us to surpass ourselves every time. Not only are the teachers responsible and dedicated in teaching, they also work on creating an enjoyable atmosphere so we can actually have fun while grinding through work. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the days where we laughed so hard and at the same time ploughing through worksheets together as a class.


Wong Ming Han

An Xceleration Education graduate

“Personally, I think Xceleration has an impeccable education system compared to other schools in KK”

Xceleration boasts a very conducive environment for students:

The teaching system enables students to understand subjects in the shortest amount of time

Teachers in Xceleration are selfless and they teach weaker students with patience

The in-house counselors actively invite many university representatives to give talks during lunch time and this provides the students with a substantial amount of information and also gives them an insight to what to expect in the future.


Terence Tai

Completed his IGCSE from Xceleration, followed by the Diploma de Cuisine from the renowned Le Cordon Blue

Thanks to Xceleration, I am following my passion and now go pursue my dream course!


Sophie Chai

An Xceleration Education graduate

“Being coached by experienced teachers as well as assisted by friendly peers, you’ll ultimately comprehend those grueling concepts and start to feel a sense of accomplishment. This is what makes studying a piece of cake.”

Reasons I pursue my higher secondary education in Xceleration:

The school is awesome and fun

Teachers are highly qualified and experience

Teachers teach in such intensive way in order to meet up to our exam dates and syllabuses

Massive amount of exercises and past year papers provided are relatively adequate for us to score A*s in our exams

I have more leisure time to do the things Ilove

I can enter university at a faster pace

I have a chance to enter society at a younger age yet educated mind


Nathaniel Chang

An Xceleration Education graduate


Little to no places can prepare students for such a task as successfully as Xceleration does. I had doubts and fears in the beginning but after a while it seemed more possible. Lessons are fun, interactive and fast, yet effective. Ever since I started my journey in Xceleration back in 2014, I have gotten lots of help and support from teachers in each stage of my studies. They provide step by step explanations, which I feel truly helps when it comes to understanding a new topic. When they see us struggling, they will try their best to help us. In O-Levels, the teachers also provide helpful advice that makes us understand the concepts easier. They too provide advice for exams. Over the years I feel I have grown to become more independent and more interested in my studies and future as well.

Nathaniel entered Xceleration in Jan 2014. In July 2015, he progressed to Pre O Level and then moved to O Level in Jan 2016. He completed IGCSE in June 2017.


Nathaniel Fong

An Xceleration Education graduate

Feel at home while learning!

Xceleration is the place to be if you want to feel at home while learning new stuff. The teachers really help by making sure that each student understands their subjects clearly. it is also taught in an accelerated manner where the time taken to complete a course is faster compared to other schools. The staff here can also help with further studies due to their connection with top universities around the world. It really helps to keep you on the right track.


Lawrence Tai

An Xceleration Education graduate

I have seen a remarkable improvement in my grades!

My teachers have left a deep impression on me! They are always able to communicate with me and teach the subject with great enthusiasm and humour. All these have contributed to my consistent results. I strongly recommend Xceleration to all my friends!


Kong Yung Cheng

Completed a 1-Year A level program at Xceleration and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the prestigious University of Melbourne in Australia.

I love studying in Xceleration because:

They have a friendly atmosphere

They have great teaching quality

The teachers are willing to help

Students have a good time and learn from the best

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