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ACCP (Homeschool) Graduates

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I joined Xceleration in 2008 after I have completed my PMR with mediocre results. I would have to study business subjects if I were to continue at my ex-school, and that will definitely have diverted me away from my ambition of being a medical scientist/professional.

My dreams were soon realized after 2 years of O level studies and preparation at Xceleration. The tutors not only taught me the important scientific principles well, but were able to build my confidence in the relevant subjects. This enabled me to further my university foundation studies in Perth, which then leading me to complete my bachelor degree in Biomedical Science in one of Australia’s leading Group of Eight University.

Thank you Xceleration for helping me realized my dream and true potential.

I would strongly recommend those who are facing crossroads in their education to seek assistance from Xceleration.


Dalvin Ng

Hi. My name is Dalvin. I was told to join Xceleration by my mother soon after my brother started his full time studies with them. I joined Xceleration after mid-way through my Form 2 studies and my learning curve immediately went through the roof. I learnt so much in a short span of time and was able to complete my O level studies at the age of 16.  My mum confided that she cried when she saw the number of A’s in my O levels. Xceleration taught me an array of subjects which gave me options to many studies paths in universities.  Thanks to Xceleration, I am now studying at the University of Western Australia for a Bachelor of Commerce degree.


Cassandra Yong

My sister and I had many failed attempts when searching for a good learning centre to help us with our IGCSE/O levels. We were fortunate enough when a friend recommended Xceleration to us. Both my sister and I gained so much through the inputs from the staffs and teachers at Xceleration. It was truly a life-changing experience for us. I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my dream of studying Medicine (and my sister is studying Law) if we didn’t step into the doors of Xceleration.  We are so confident with the teaching methods at Xceleration that both my two younger brothers are going through the same program like us. Through our recommendation, one of our cousins from Canada is also studying at Xceleration.


Enoch Tan

The initial months of studies at Xceleration were rough. I had poor foundation in my studies and I was fortunate enough to have patient teachers at Xceleration who were able to assist and guide me. I was able to complete my O level studies after a year at Xceleration through constant engagement and encouragement.  I was then assisted by teachers at Xeleration to further my studies in Australia. To all the dedicated teachers at Xceleration, thank you.


Talha Zaigham

Dr Hew Meng and Mr Lim, the two teachers who have helped me a lot during my years at Xceleration. They are the best teachers I have ever met.  I have to give much credit to them for helping me realised my dream of studying medicine. I am now able to study medicine at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China.



With a “work hard, play hard” ethos, Xceleration has helped me to develop both academically and socially. The short and intense 5 months of IGCSE/O level at Xceleration has prepared me both academically and psychologically for college and university.  My younger sister has followed my footstep, knowing that she will be getting the same quality of academic coaching and care from a team of professional teachers.



My sister, Sammi completed her O level at Xceleration a year before me. Hence, I joined Xceleration after my PMR, knowing that I will be getting the best possible O level coaching from a group of dedicated and professional tutors. I comWith these outstanding teachers supporting me, I found that I understood the subjects in great depth, and wasn’t just being taught how to memorize answers for the sake of exams. This has really helped me at my studies at Monash College, where students need know how to apply textbook knowledge and think outside the box. 



I always knew what career I want to pursue. Xceleration provided me the perfect bridging program to what was expected of me in University. The tutors provided me with excellent support and advice from academic support to university and program counseling. I can’t say I have any complaints during my time spent at Xceleration. 



To all the teachers at Xceleration. I just want to tell you that, you are an amazing group of awesome teachers. You really put a lot of effort and time on me. Without you, I won’t be able to go to Singapore to study like now! I won’t forget everything that you did for me. I really really proud that I have teachers like you!!! I promise you I will study hard in Singapore and get a degree. I will take good care of myself and once again, thank you very much and I love you all.



My mother was worried if I was ever going to get a secondary school leaving certificate after I left my previous school. Xceleration was able to help me achieve that.

Something which is really unique about Xceleration is the teachers are constantly engaging you, and students will be required to take on the responsibilities of their managing their studies and their grades (and of course with the full support of the teachers). Xceleration was a good training ground for me that and my parents were convinced that I was ready to leave home for my further studies after I have successfully completed my O level there.