Double-Track School Curriculum

What is Double-Track School Curriculum?

The Double-Track School Curriculum program aims to provide non-science students in the secondary school education an opportunity to pursue science related degree in their higher education. The program is curated for SPM & UEC candidates.

With our Double-Track program, non-science students can study Medicinal Degree, Engineering Degree, Bioscience Degree, or even Computer Engineering Degree.

Students don’t even need to stop their school study to enroll for this program. Whether the students are SPM or UEC students, they can do their study simultaneously. Students can choose either;  Flexible Study or Part-Time Study.

This program is also suitable for students without any science background. As long as they are passionate to pursue a science related degree, they can achieve it through this program.

Checkout one of our students, Jemima who underwent the Double-Track program and had successfully enroll into  science foundation in Manipal International University.

Why Us?

Adopting Xceleration Fast Track Program, our students will complete their O-Level study twice as fast as the conventional school schedule. Our O-Level Students will only undergo a ONE-year period study as opposed to TWO. This is because Xceleration intense study nature allows us to nurture students’ study ability at a very young age. Hence, this allows students who opt for Xceleration Fast Track Program to be able to complete their primary and secondary level education in as short as NINE years. (Excluding Advance Level study)

Tuition mode conducted at Xceleration Education focuses on LEARNING UNDERSTANDING rather than MEMORISING. Student-Centered approach is adopted in all our tuition classes, and we highly emphasize on students’ participation during lessons.

Tuition classes also conducted in smaller size as we believe in “Small Room Attention” environment as opposed to packed classroom. This is to ensure that all the students will receive the necessary attention from our teachers.


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