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8 reasons why students trust Xceleration Education

SPM and UEC Tuition @ Xceleration Education

More than examinations

We deliver more than examination techniques. Our students learn to understand and apply, not just memorising facts for the exams.


We make learning fun and engaging. We nurture them to become self-motivated learners.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skill is crucial for students to go beyond where they are now and look at the world with a positive point of view. Therefore, we encourage them to question, form opinions, and build their critical thinking to develop their problem-solving skill.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

All our teachers are qualified and experienced. They not only are experts in their fields, but also passionate about passing on their knowledge and learning to others.

Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) | Xceleration Education

Responsible learner

We train students to be a responsible learner and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. We encourage them to be productive and inspire the best in others for the greater good.

Low student-teacher ratio

Our teaching group is small enough for teachers to provide individual attention and develop their full potential.

DNA for Success

Resilient Individuals

We nurture students to be focused and independent problem solver. We build them to be confident, articulate and analytic who can face the challenges in the ever-evolving world.

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Care and Support

We are not only passionate about teaching, but we mentor and instill discipline in our students. We give them the utmost attention and guidance to build and share their knowledge, abilities, and talents.

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